Rules 2020

8. Points of control: Every athlete has to pass the secret points of control. Only classic technique is admitted, the use of free technique leads to disqualification by the jury. It is admitted to change only ONE ski during the race. Nobody is obliged to give a free way to an overtaking athlete.

9. Rules for the "ADRENALINA TRACK": The crossing of the main road to Carbonin for the ascent to Prato Piazza will be mandatory, removing both skis, after which there will be a free waxing service, which any athlete can use. For the ascent to Prato Piazza will not be possible to put the skins, will cause disqualification. In case of the lack of snow to Prato Piazza the ascent from Carbonin will be done on foot, but bringing with it all the equipment, it will be mandatory to arrive at the arrival with the equipment (skis, snowshoes and cross-country shoes). In this case, however, you will not receive the FISI points, as the regulation excludes running on foot.

10. Time checkpoints: Athletes from the 62km track, which pass the finish line after 4.00 pm are not classified in the ranking. Athletes from the 42km track, which pass the finish line after 3.00 pm are not classified in the ranking. Athletes that do not pass the first checkpoint at Hotel Paradiso (km 14) at 11.00 am and the second checkpoint at Hotel Union in Toblach (km 20) at 12.00pm are not classified. They may finish the race at their own risk and responsibility.

ATTENTION: There is a 3rd time checkpoint at “Hotel Ploner” (km 33). Athletes that have not passed the 3rd checkpoint by 1.30 pm are not classified but will appear in the official ranking without a finishing time or rank! The OC is allowed, in accordance with the jury, to change the location and/ or the maximum time to finish the race.

11. There will be an Overall Ranking. Everybody that has finished within the time limit appears in the ranking and receives a diploma. The diploma can be downloaded on our website.

12. The prize giving ceremony takes place on Saturday at 2.00pm in Niederdorf, where also the final refreshment is located. Unclaimed prizes can be picked up by their owners at the OC’s office at Toblach until a month after the race. If the prize has to be send by post, the owner has to pay the shipping costs.

12. Liability:

a) Upon registration, they release the organization committee from any liability, also with respect to accidents before or during and after the race, as well with respect to any injury, loss or damage caused to a third party or to a third-party property by a participant.
b) Equipment Guidelines - International Competition Rules for Cross-Country Skiing 343.8.1: In classical technique competitions, the maximum pole length must not exceed 83% of the competitor's body height.  The body height is measured with ski boots on from a flat surface, to the top of the uncovered head. The pole length is measured from the bottom of the pole to the highest attachment of the strap.
c) The OC reserves the right to conduct random checks on competitors to ensure that they have not taken any prohibited stimulants.
d) For any other point not described in this rules apply the standards of the FIS for popular races.
e) Participants hereby waive any rights they may have to sue or raise any claims against the race organizers, sponsors, municipalities, private landowner, radio and Tv companies.
f) In case of bad weather problems, the Organizing Committee will appoint an alternative course. If the event has to be cancelled due to force majeure, participants will receive a refund of 50% of the registration fee. If the race has to be cancelled less than 24 hours before the start the OC has the right to keep the paid registration fees.
g) The Organizer has the right to limit the maximum number of participants or to change the track and date of the event.
h) The Organization board assumes no responsibilities for money, valuables or personal items left in the changing bags.
i) Start numbers: If participants do not return their chip/transponder, a charge of € 30,00 will be applied

14. Complaints:
Complaints must be submitted in written form according to R.T.F. rules and by paying a deposit of 50,00 Euro within 30 minutes after the end of the race. If the complaint is accepted, the deposit will be refunded.

15. Accommodation: The athlete needs to take care of his/ her accommodation. Information can be gathered in the Tourism Offices.

16. General information:
Organisationskomitee Pustertaler Ski-Marathon - ASV Sport OK Toblach
Seeweg 16, I-39034 Toblach
Tel. +39 0474 976 000

17. According to the Law no. 675/96 laying down provisions for the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, the subscriber authorizes the Organization board to use your personal information to send you promotional material about the race, rankings, photos and anything else related to the event itself.