3 Zinnen Ski-Marathon

The hardest race in South Tyrol!

On 11.01.2025 + 12.01.2025 the 49th edition of one of the most traditional cross-country popular races in South Tyrol will take place.

For hundreds of athletes one of the most important Italian winter events in the field of cross-country skiing.

The first edition of Pustertaler Ski-Marathon took place in 1976. Just a few years before its 50th birthday, the organising committee decided to change the name in "3 Zinnen Ski-Marathon". The new name fits perfectly in with the path taken by joining the Ski Classics Pro Tour. The 3 Peaks (3 Zinnen) are known all over the world and offer enormous potential to help the Ski-Marathon become even more famous on the international market - the organising committee is convinced of this, as the race takes place entirely in the 3 Zinnen Dolomites region. For some, the name will probably be unfamiliar at first. But we will certainly not forget the roots and the “Puschtra" as it is called by the locals.


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